1. !vancouverbronies Looks like I will be missing the meetup for the first time. Now don't be sad, my little bronies, we could still hang out at that unicorn thing on Sunday if anyone is still going.

    Friday, 11-May-12 15:26:16 UTC from web
    1. @fang8989 !vancouverbronies wait. which one are you again?

      Friday, 11-May-12 16:00:14 UTC from web
      1. @mcbrony !vancouverbronies you know....Johnny? The guy with RainbowDash hoodie.

        Friday, 11-May-12 16:26:19 UTC from web
        1. @fang8989 !vancouverbronies right! of course.

          Saturday, 12-May-12 02:19:45 UTC from web
      2. @mcbrony The other BCIT asian brony. Heavy accent.

        Friday, 11-May-12 23:17:43 UTC from web