1. I can't wait until they start getting brony "musicians" to guest star on the show. The response to that will be a riot.

    Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:32:07 UTC from web
    1. @mrmattimation some musicians would be nice, like Blackgryph0n, but NOT Mandopony

      Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:33:27 UTC from web
      1. @pugs911 Mandopony is far more likely as he actually works for the HUB now.

        Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:35:03 UTC from web
        1. @clayinthecarpet black gryphon is actually good at singing, and is Michelle crebers step brother. Really? They let mando in at the hub?

          Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:37:03 UTC from web
          1. @pugs911 ........Step brother? Since when? How did you find that out? And yes, I know he's good. I've heard most of his stuff.

            Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:37:57 UTC from web
            1. @clayinthecarpet I don't really know the extent of it, but someone asked him on YouTube / g+ why he does so much stuff with the crebers, and someone answered that they are related

              Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:39:29 UTC from web
              1. @pugs911 Interesting. I'd like to have that verified through them, but I can see that. They are at Michelle's house a lot.

                Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:40:49 UTC from web
                1. @clayinthecarpet yea, verification would be nice. But they do A LOT of videos together, on 3 different youtube channels

                  Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:41:50 UTC from web
                  1. @pugs911 If I had even half as much singing talent as either of them, I'd drop everything and become a singer right. now.

                    Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:42:45 UTC from web
                    1. @clayinthecarpet or musical, or animational, or comedic, they are GOOD AT EVERYTHING

                      Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:44:34 UTC from web
                      1. @pugs911 You speak truth.

                        Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:44:55 UTC from web
    2. @mrmattimation I honestly know nothing about any brony musicians other than Yelling At Cats, who I hope never guest stars. o_o

      Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:35:45 UTC from web
      1. @mintystarshine Man, you're missing out. Check this:

        Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:36:37 UTC from web
        1. @clayinthecarpet Sounds good. :) Oh I guess I've heard whatever is on Friendship is Witchcraft. I do like their music. Oh and I've heard the really sad song about Luna and Celestia, but that's about it. Are there any other good original songs out there?

          Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:39:04 UTC from web
          1. @mintystarshine Ask and you shall receive:

            Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:40:02 UTC from web
            1. @clayinthecarpet That was a pretty good song. :D I should get into brony music more XD

              Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:46:22 UTC from web
      2. @mintystarshine

        SCENE: EXT. Ponyville Library
        Twilight is gathered outside with her friends and Yelling at Cats. She is looking for suggestions to help fix the very horrible thing that happened this week.

        How about we murder people

        Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:38:04 UTC from web
        1. @mrmattimation I actually laughed. Congrats.

          Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:38:55 UTC from web
        2. @mrmattimation MURDER FIXES EVERYTHING

          Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:39:33 UTC from web
    3. @mrmattimation
      # or die

      Wednesday, 15-Jan-14 21:52:47 UTC from web