1. !sslps Who would be interested in watching a Feed The Beast singleplayer series? I'm thinking I will do a series on the Horizons mod pack (alternate mods) and maybe copy my house from the Deadbeats season 1 world in order to get a head start in vanilla resources.

    Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:42:31 UTC from web
    1. @neuraria Grab about five idiots and go with them, comedy is the biggest seller of a Youtube series.

      Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:46:02 UTC from web
      1. @mrdragon Well, there are a couple of friends who love to play Feed The Beast. The only thing is we don't often end up making as many videos as we

        Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:48:30 UTC from web
        1. @neuraria would like. We've done /some/ videos, but I would like to do more. I guess I just tihnk singleplayer so that I can take my time discovering everything.

          Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:49:28 UTC from web
        2. @neuraria I always play with friends, find interesting ways to create machines, and then inbetween, throw up as many stupid tricks to annoy everyone else as possible

          Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:53:40 UTC from web
          1. @mrdragon Well after my initial period of "papayas apples apples what do I do WHAT DO I DO" (reminds me of when I first got on a survival multiplayer server, actually) I tend to see what everybody else who is much faster and experienced at FTB is doing and then completely blank on how to do it for a week or something. I work FTB (and even a bit of Minecraft) on a slow basis, just doing bits here and there or chipping away at things, and in the end that tends to make me far behind others. I don't even really know how to do a stable power source yet.

            Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 09:03:32 UTC from web
            1. @neuraria I tend to wait a few months each time efore I go back on, Gregtech updated greatly lately, and I am really really eager in to trying that out again. Seeing what's new and just how hard it is to get to a Fusion Reactor now.

              Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 09:20:06 UTC from web
    2. @neuraria There's the old series. I wouldn't mind getting a server going again.

      Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 08:51:33 UTC from web