1. Oh. Uh, @scootaloo123 I added your friend code finally.

    Saturday, 03-May-14 21:05:06 UTC from web
    1. @mastertdi In just got a new 3DS because the last one had a broken hinge

      Monday, 05-May-14 13:19:46 UTC from web
      1. @scootaloo123 That's one upside to the 2DS

        Monday, 05-May-14 13:22:14 UTC from web
        1. @fireemblem237 eh but the 3DS is easier to carry around.

          Monday, 05-May-14 13:24:00 UTC from web
      2. @scootaloo123 Okay, tell me when you get your new code.

        Monday, 05-May-14 13:29:04 UTC from web
        1. @mastertdi Okay I will.

          Monday, 05-May-14 13:29:31 UTC from web