1. LuckyJack stared across the poker table, attempting to decipher the stoic look in his opponent’s emotionless green eyes. His competitor, a pony notorious in the Casinos throughout Equestria, was none other than Big Macintosh. LuckyJack glanced downwards at his deck. He held an Ace High. In a spur of instinct, Lucky pushed his remaining chips towards the center. He was all in. "So, are you gonna call or are you gonna bluff?" He called out to his opponent. The crowd around them grew silent. With a victorious smirk, Big Mac replied, "Eeyup!” Tossing his cards towards the center, the Red-Gold pony crossed his hooves. The cards drifted steadily downwards and landed side-by-side. The face-up cards neatly displayed a pair of Two’s. Lucky was stunned. He thought surely he had had him beat. Stepping away from his seat, he ran out of the Casino, doing his best to hold back the tears that were welling up in his eyes.

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