1. So... Do the ponies have fur coats or not? :B !Equestriagirls makes it seem like they do, and real ponies do, but they way they look in the show seems more like plastic or rubber.

    Thursday, 26-May-11 15:35:18 UTC from web
    1. @retl kinda hard to animate a detailed fur coat. Especially when using flash.

      Thursday, 26-May-11 15:36:22 UTC from web
    2. @rotation They are wearing nothig at all... nothing at all... nothing at all... ;)

      Thursday, 26-May-11 15:41:30 UTC from Choqok
    3. @rotation @administrator Alrighty, gotcha. Thanks. :3

      Thursday, 26-May-11 15:48:06 UTC from web