1. so i just started college and i'm trying to find other bronies there....anypony know how i could do that?

    Friday, 05-Sep-14 07:19:55 UTC from web at 44°41'55"N 93°12'49"W
    1. @drinsomnia I am not sure, as I haven't actively looked around my school for other bronies. I have sometimes gotten compliments on pony shirts I happened to be wearing, but I wasn't trying to make a conversation out of it, given that I am rather busy (full-time school and full-time work).

      Friday, 05-Sep-14 07:23:40 UTC from web
    2. @drinsomnia print a funny meme picture of a cute pony from the internet and put it on two big flags and put one up in your dorm and wear the other as a cape. The bronies will find you.

      Friday, 05-Sep-14 10:42:41 UTC from web