1. To recap: I, kiwied my voice up, I lost my sense of hearing, My phnes was jacked, and I am not drunk. HURRAY! THE MUSIC WAS BADASS! STEEL PANTHER AND GOD DAMNED JUDAS PRIEST!

    Thursday, 20-Nov-14 06:57:10 UTC from web
    1. @metaltao sooo success?

      Thursday, 20-Nov-14 06:57:33 UTC from web
      1. @pianissima So much success! God damn, it was loud and proud! Between the naked guy storming the stage and the seizures, it was METAL!

        Thursday, 20-Nov-14 07:01:33 UTC from web
        1. @metaltao but was it tao?

          Thursday, 20-Nov-14 07:03:02 UTC from web
          1. @pianissima Permission to hug the ever loving bananas out of you?

            Thursday, 20-Nov-14 07:04:50 UTC from web