1. Ever try deep frying ramen? Not one of my greatest culinary moments...

    Saturday, 22-Nov-14 23:13:27 UTC from web
    1. @darkcore Yeah, I can't see it going well. "Wet" and "boiling oil" rarely go well together.

      Saturday, 22-Nov-14 23:14:00 UTC from web
      1. @scribus Indeed. Though the most frustrating part is that they turned out chewy and not all that tasty. Had to throw em away, a sad waste of ramen.

        Saturday, 22-Nov-14 23:14:55 UTC from web
        1. @darkcore Well, I guess it's better than 3rd degree burns, a little...

          Saturday, 22-Nov-14 23:15:23 UTC from web
          1. @scribus But at what cost...AT WHAT COST *sob*

            Saturday, 22-Nov-14 23:16:41 UTC from web
            1. @darkcore I know it's not OK now, but it will be OK.

              Saturday, 22-Nov-14 23:17:42 UTC from web
              1. @scribus It's in a better place now. Ramen Heaven, with all the other ramen based mishaps over the years.

                Saturday, 22-Nov-14 23:18:57 UTC from web