1. Can someone please tell me if if there are meetings before the new season starts? If so, can somepony please tell where and when they are?

    Monday, 02-Feb-15 18:20:46 UTC from web
    1. @bigmacintosh42 welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

      Monday, 02-Feb-15 18:21:14 UTC from the Death Egg
    2. @bigmacintosh42 Sorry to say that this group is mostly defunct -- it's been maybe a year since we've had an official meeting and I've since graduated. I know there's some bronies still about on grounds but the CIO I ran a year ago and everything this group has been referencing no longer exists. Feel free to make your own club/start your own meetups (unless someone else already has?).

      Thursday, 05-Mar-15 23:45:59 UTC from web