1. looking for friend to talk to :|

    Friday, 27-Feb-15 14:31:12 UTC from web
    1. @midnighttsun Welcome to the site! We hope you have a ton of fun, but watch out for mean-old @mrmattimation! He's a big old grump.

      Friday, 27-Feb-15 14:31:43 UTC from the Death Egg
    2. @darkw00d srry for repling so late weellll nothing much and u?

      Wednesday, 04-Mar-15 20:08:25 UTC from web
    3. @darkw00d nice! i just discovered that season 5 its coming betwen 20-30 of march ^-^

      Wednesday, 04-Mar-15 20:57:47 UTC from web
      1. @midnighttsun REALLY OMGOMGOMG

        Wednesday, 04-Mar-15 21:00:03 UTC from web
      2. @midnighttsun imma die of excitement!

        Wednesday, 04-Mar-15 21:01:21 UTC from web
        1. @rednorth me 2 XD

          Wednesday, 04-Mar-15 21:16:26 UTC from web