1. lets have a beyblade championship

    Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:29:01 UTC from web
    1. @mastermushi Wow. That's something I never thought i'd read.

      Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:29:49 UTC from web
      1. @deadmadness665 HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy

        Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:30:22 UTC from web
      2. @deadmadness665 Eyyyyyyyy.

        Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:30:25 UTC from web
        1. @clayinthecarpet @metaltao HEY!

          Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:30:50 UTC from web
          1. @deadmadness665 How are you, brother?

            Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:44:25 UTC from web
            1. @clayinthecarpet I'm doing pretty good. mean I haven't touched anything art related outside of school in a long time, but good in every other aspect. You?

              Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:46:44 UTC from web
              1. @deadmadness665 Art is good. 'Might want to just sit down and try it sometime. I'm just still being me, I guess. heh

                Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:47:40 UTC from web
                1. @clayinthecarpet Thanks for reminding me I need to scan my painting from art and junk. Be right back!

                  Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:50:16 UTC from web
                2. @clayinthecarpet Working on a self portrait in art. This is a rough draft and is meant to end up a painting resembling Da Vinici's Self portrait after he had cut his ear off.

                  Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:59:02 UTC from web
                  1. @deadmadness665 Wait... Van Gogh! I meant Van Gogh! Haha

                    Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:59:47 UTC from web
                  2. @deadmadness665 Van Gogh?

                    Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:59:50 UTC from web
                    1. @beatstrings Yeah, sorry. I was trying to multi-task... That doesn't work too well for me. Haha

                      Sunday, 01-Mar-15 01:00:22 UTC from web
                      1. @deadmadness665 That's alright, just a stark contrast on your sentence. But I do get what you want done with your piece. Good luck

                        Sunday, 01-Mar-15 01:01:22 UTC from web
                3. @clayinthecarpet A painting I did a little while back in art. Never uploaded. Sorry for the poor quality, it's too big to put on the scanner, so I had to use my phone camera.

                  Sunday, 01-Mar-15 01:15:46 UTC from web
                  1. @deadmadness665 Ehhhh! This is bananaing nice! I really liek eh! I turned into seinfield! EHHHhh

                    Sunday, 01-Mar-15 01:16:19 UTC from web
                  2. @deadmadness665 Is this fluttershy the flutterbat? Pretty cool tho.

                    Sunday, 01-Mar-15 01:17:44 UTC from web
          2. @deadmadness665 I GOT DISTRACTED BY BEYBLADES! HOLLY grape IT IS SO NICE TO MEET YIU!

            Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:44:54 UTC from web
            1. @metaltao ITS SO NICE TO YIU, TOO!

              Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:50:41 UTC from web
    2. @mastermushi Bam. Basalt Horogium. Done

      Sunday, 01-Mar-15 00:30:00 UTC from web