1. My things are pretty good. Workwise, I'm getting a lot of it. A bunch of people left, and I've been picking up their work, which means my schedule is super full, but that helps with the money. Other than that, fed, clothed, warm, hydrated, and eagerly awaiting the next season.

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:54:04 UTC from web
    1. @patch Excellent! Super glad to hear it!

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:56:55 UTC from web
      1. @thelastgherkin Thanks, mate. Also been digging on this game where you make fighting robots out of lego and...well...make them fight! it's a fun, light sort of wargame. You prolly heard of it: Mobile Frame Zero?

        Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:58:00 UTC from web
        1. @patch I have not at all ever heard of that no sir.

          Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:59:38 UTC from web
          1. @thelastgherkin I dunno if you like legos, but if you do, or if you like giant robots or wargames, it's worth checking it out. has the basics, and has a decent forum with pics of people's robots, battle reports, and even some okay fan fiction.

            Friday, 08-Jun-12 20:01:51 UTC from web
            1. @patch OK those robots are totally adorable.

              Friday, 08-Jun-12 20:05:26 UTC from web
              1. @thelastgherkin Aren't they? My favorites are the ST-07 "chubs". Oh, hey, there's a flickr group, too.

                Friday, 08-Jun-12 20:06:29 UTC from web
                1. @patch Doesn't sound like a game I would get into, but my life is enriched for having seen tiny robuts.

                  Friday, 08-Jun-12 20:15:30 UTC from web