1. 2 days ago. that was when i finished season 2 and saw the best wedding ever. aka, shining armor and cadence /)^3^(\. but this is mi question 2 all bronies: What is your all time favorite pony song? this includes:

    Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:27:36 UTC from web
    1. @chezefromamerica all songs in season 1 and 2

      Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:27:45 UTC from web
      1. @chezefromamerica personally, i am stuck between smile and bbbff

        Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:28:57 UTC from web
        1. @chezefromamerica Smile, BBBFF and Winter Wrap Up are my faves. ^_^

          Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:40:56 UTC from web
          1. @pony Thank you! you're the only one who responded! and i love those songs 2 /)*(\

            Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:41:44 UTC from web
            1. @chezefromamerica hehe* I've been lurking while writing so I missed the questions til now. Sometimes, though very rarely, messages won't appear in the Public timeline. Glad to hear you finished season 2 ! I loved the finale! I can't decide which season I like better.

              Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:44:29 UTC from web
              1. @pony I would pick 2

                Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:47:58 UTC from web
                1. @chezefromamerica @pony im going 2 go outside now, so, i will talk to you another time. until later!

                  Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:49:20 UTC from web
                  1. @chezefromamerica alrighty! have fun outside!

                    Monday, 11-Jun-12 22:03:02 UTC from web
        2. @chezefromamerica I think If I had to choose then Winter Wrap Up would win, but I could never do without Smile either.

          Monday, 11-Jun-12 21:41:54 UTC from web