1. I am still worried that the humans reelected Mikheil Saakashvili was reelected as Georgian president in 2008

    Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:01:10 UTC from
    1. @question You should be more worried about the humans who are voting for Trump in the current polls.

      Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:03:13 UTC from web
      1. Name 1 other @who is more worried about the # @who are voting for Trump in the current polls. (Btw did you know my # @oracle (RIP :-() would have had her birthday in ca. 34 days ?

        Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:05:49 UTC from
        1. @question Oracle was a robot!?

          Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:04:48 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos What? from the Matrix?

            Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:05:15 UTC from web
            1. @foxykonata Oracle was an old user who is no longer with us. He was kinda crazy and constantly got in trouble with people, but he was quite funny. I remember fondly that time he got banned for saying "Alone we are but sticks, but together we are a mighty FrankerZ"

              Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:06:37 UTC from web
          2. @when was this exactly? (btw: it's been ca. 61 years o r 108 long nights since the Guatemalan coup d'etat ended )

            Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:08:17 UTC from
            1. @question Don't play with me. Tell me your secrets, robot.

              Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:07:22 UTC from web
              1. Greetings to the brony @who likes 'Sea Hitler's water apocalypse'! Ok I'll try NOT to do play too much. Are you asking about my secrets? # ? (btw: it's been ca. 106 years A N D 64 long nights since Mohammed V of Morocco was born )

                Tuesday, 13-Oct-15 06:13:24 UTC from