1. I was thinking, in a world without fingers, if you were unable to speak, how would you communicate? I mean, if the creatures around you could speak anything from primal noises to intelligible speech, how would you reach them?

    Saturday, 17-Oct-15 10:19:00 UTC from web
    1. @metaltao You could probably tap Morse code with your feet. Or, clicking the teeth.

      Saturday, 17-Oct-15 10:24:57 UTC from web
      1. @caret7 That would take obscenely long... Oh, and, I was kind of referring to MLP sort of. It could apply to many other shows. I imagine. Heh, I am tired, not an excuse, but, I am. It's nearly Five, I will try to hit the hay again. If I don't. I'll talk to you later today again.

        Saturday, 17-Oct-15 10:31:29 UTC from web
      2. @caret7 Oh! Have yourself a good one!

        Saturday, 17-Oct-15 10:33:27 UTC from web