1. Just read about the grape they're pushing in USC. Sexual assault is always the man's fault if both parties are drunk, and they're forcing students to answer a bunch of questions about their personal sex lives. Not cool. >.>

    Wednesday, 13-Jan-16 17:45:17 UTC from web
    1. @scorchentine I'm not sexually active but I definitely wouldn't want to tell everyone all about it if I were.

      Wednesday, 13-Jan-16 18:14:57 UTC from web
      1. @mrmattimation I know. And the email states that they cannot be registered until it's filled out. Honestly kinda glad I'm with a guy now. All the FrankerZ men who like just women get is completely ridiculous.

        Wednesday, 13-Jan-16 18:28:55 UTC from web
        1. @scorchentine I just read some of the questions and WOWIE, they are way more intrusive than I thought it would be.

          Wednesday, 13-Jan-16 18:44:35 UTC from web