1. @mrdragon Weren't you big in some circles on Google+ a while back?  Your name sounds familiar.

    Thursday, 04-Feb-16 15:17:06 UTC from
    1. @takeFrankerZakenji Si, I was. With a Jessi/Tavi Bell. Aka an Ex of mine from a long time ago

      Thursday, 04-Feb-16 15:28:06 UTC from web
      1. @mrdragon Gotta love unfun memories.

        Thursday, 04-Feb-16 15:47:48 UTC from
        1. @takekiwiakenji For some reason I can't see you on the main feed. But nah, they are old memories so they don't do crud to me

          Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:01:41 UTC from web
          1. @mrdragon You can't see me because I'm on a different service, separate from RDN.

            Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:08:36 UTC from
            1. @takepapayaakenji Huh. Then how the heck have you found me.. wait. Aren't you the guy we had on the MC servre that was making that giant wall and strange mining system?

              Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:19:43 UTC from web
              1. @mrdragon I found you via you @northernnarwhal, who I found via @tiffany, who I found via the "whole known network" feature of GNU Social.

                Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:21:15 UTC from
                1. @mrdragon I've never played Minecraft before, though.

                  Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:21:30 UTC from
                  1. @takegrapeakenji Huh. Odd. Whom were you around then?

                    Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:23:59 UTC from web
                    1. @mrdragon Google+ days?  I usually had my nickname set to 竹下憲二.

                      Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:28:29 UTC from
                      1. @takecherryakenji Oh. OH. You were the chinese letters guy!

                        Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:29:44 UTC from web
                        1. @mrdragon There was only one?

                          Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:30:04 UTC from
                          1. @takecherryakenji Within that group yeah. Well, at least at the start of it anyway. As we all know by a year it had split, splintered and fallen in to many groups most of which hated the other. Oh. Those days. What the hell was I doing there/!

                            Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:31:53 UTC from web
                            1. @mrdragon To be clear, that was my nickname and not my real name.  My first name is 'Neil'.

                              Thursday, 04-Feb-16 16:33:28 UTC from
                              1. @takeFluffle Puffakenji Then here's to hoping that I am thinking of the right person, to be honest I'm sure a lot of them didn't use their real name. After all, my Ex was Johnathan not Jessi.

                                Saturday, 06-Feb-16 09:51:12 UTC from web
      2. @mrdragon That guy brought some good laughs to this place

        Saturday, 06-Feb-16 10:02:30 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos Which one

          Saturday, 06-Feb-16 10:03:46 UTC from web
          1. @mrdragon Your ex. It was mostly freaking out due to weird and misplaced indignation rather than trying to be funny, but laughs none the less.

            Saturday, 06-Feb-16 10:05:49 UTC from web
            1. @nerthos Oh yes, I know that one all too well. I learnt to never believe a single thing that they said to be honest, and even then I was still surprised by some of the crap that came out of their mouth after we'd split up.

              Saturday, 06-Feb-16 10:06:31 UTC from web
              1. @mrdragon "I'm the nicest person in the site" "YOU ARE ALL TERRIBLE PEOPLE"
                Good times.

                Saturday, 06-Feb-16 10:09:38 UTC from web
                1. @nerthos You guys had to deal with nothing compared to me, I had to deal with him nearly 24/7 in one to one chats and google hangouts for over a year where one week he'd have a sensible opinion and then ht enext he's be on a damn war path at the other end of the stick.

                  Saturday, 06-Feb-16 10:51:44 UTC from web
                  1. @mrdragon Well, I know how that can happen in a relationship, but while I can put up with it from a girl (You know, different brain structure and all) I absolutely wouldn't from a guy.

                    Sunday, 07-Feb-16 03:45:28 UTC from web