1. So Teensy, a fellow staff member of Thunder Network told me that since I'm "just the graphic designer" I don't play a part in the site. Even though I'm not just the graphic designer. Sure, graphic designer is my primary job there, but I also look through posts on the site itself making sure they're all appropriate and obey the rules. I also advertise the site from time to time. That's more than she seems to do. So maybe next time she should think next time she wants to say something like that, so maybe it won't end up public.

    Sunday, 06-Mar-16 07:18:54 UTC from web
    1. @sprocket Dude... "Just a graphic designer" Is such a bullpapaya response. Here is why!
      One: You are a part of the team that is purely responsible for the Site's aesthetic design. Everything from the art, possibly font, and design was most likely collaberated by with you or done solely by you. To deny that, is bullgrape.
      Two: You are a team, if you for once, try to minimize the importance of anyone's work... You are not a healthy member of that team and can ay claim for any problems that occur. Disrupting Moral, communication, putting the team's stability at risk... God damn it.

      Sunday, 06-Mar-16 07:28:57 UTC from web
      1. @metaltao thank you. Another thing though, the fact that I had to straight do her job for her proves that I actually do more for the site than her

        Sunday, 06-Mar-16 07:48:56 UTC from web
        1. @sprocket GOD DAMN IT! I hate people like that! Pary why I sometimes hate myself. At least I haven't laid claim to anything that wasn't mine... But...
          Never mind! What am I talking about? I am simply mad.

          Sunday, 06-Mar-16 07:49:46 UTC from web