1. Finished drawing today and realised I still had my initial MSPaint doodle open. (It's still a work in progress)

    Tuesday, 14-Jun-16 01:00:29 UTC from web
    1. @scoot it is real good

      Tuesday, 14-Jun-16 01:07:57 UTC from web
      1. @mushi Thanks, I'm gonna try and paint over it tomorrow. I'll post it if I ever finish it.

        Tuesday, 14-Jun-16 01:12:48 UTC from web
        1. @scoot well, tag it !art so everyone can see

          Tuesday, 14-Jun-16 01:13:32 UTC from web
          1. @mushi Alright, will do. I didn't this time since it was just a dumb comparison picture.

            Tuesday, 14-Jun-16 01:14:13 UTC from web