1. okay so HOLY cherry. this girl who went to my school catfished a dude for SIX YEARS and he thought she was Katy Perry. what

    Friday, 19-Aug-16 15:34:44 UTC from web
    1. @tiffany OMFG you knew that person?! I heard about it on TV

      Friday, 19-Aug-16 15:38:53 UTC from
      1. @taknamay I never spoke to her but yeah lmao

        Friday, 19-Aug-16 15:42:05 UTC from web
    2. @tiffany That's kinda funny

      Friday, 19-Aug-16 20:24:38 UTC from web
      1. @tonyyotes I find it hilarious but at the same time it's a pretty messed up thing to do

        Friday, 19-Aug-16 20:25:45 UTC from web