1. "pft why play sports games when you can play the sport for real in real life wow you are so stupid"
    *pays $1000 for new racing wheel to play highly realistic rally racing games*

    Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:01:31 UTC from
    1. @why
      >throw the pigskin with the boys
      >have some fun

      >try to drift on public roads
      >get arrested

      Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:03:50 UTC from
      1. @delores no the proper analogy to drifting on public roads is
        >infiltrate nfl stadium and play with pro athletes

        Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:07:14 UTC from
        1. @why but you can play sports without needing pro athletes
          but you can't race without being in a professional race

          Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:09:04 UTC from
          1. @delores @why You can technically drive to a rural area and drift on dirt roads with relative ease, but even then, a decent car depending on where you live will cost 20-50k, while a ball will cost what... $15? So I'm with delores on this one. Sports games for sports with high costs of entry or scarce places to practice them are ok.

            Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:10:15 UTC from web
            1. @nerthos @delores except most people who play sports games are interested in the simulation aspect of having real teams face each other, in the same way people who play racing games are interested in the simulation aspect of driving real cars. just throwing a ball around, or even playing a pickup game with your friends, doesn't have the level of complexity, hype, and strategy that come with a pro match

              Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:15:48 UTC from
              1. @why @nerthos very good points
                i say you've passed yet another day of "joke turned argument"

                Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:17:13 UTC from
              2. @why I guess? I still don't see the appeal

                Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:17:55 UTC from web
                1. @nerthos neither do i. most of the time, games that focus on simulation just become too complex for most to understand, making it impossible to have fun without obsessing over it

                  Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:21:30 UTC from
                  1. @why I remember playing an official ACTC racing simulator and having so many controls on screen that I couldn't get the car moving properly.

                    Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:24:20 UTC from web
                    1. @nerthos or the flight sims where you basically have to read the entire book-sized manual just to get the dang thing off the ground.

                      Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:26:46 UTC from
                      1. @why Yeah, that's what it reminded me of. I know how to drive a car and yet I couldn't move more than a few meters without melting the engine.

                        Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:26:50 UTC from web
    2. @why Real-life racing doesn't have a score ticker in the corner of your eyesight to act as your superficial measure of success tho

      Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:36:27 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada i said highly realistic not arcade trash

        Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:37:51 UTC from
        1. @why You can still spend thousands to play arcade racers though *eyeing the Daytona USA 2 cab on Craigslist longingly*

          Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:40:02 UTC from web
          1. @redenchilada yeah arcade racers are great, but the extra money spent on peripherals is mostly for aesthetics than realism. a wheel might help make Outrun a little more fun, but you don't need all the special technology that comes with a high-end setup

            Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:48:35 UTC from
      2. @redenchilada And neither does real-life dancing, which is my justification for why I spend so much time at the arcade

        Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:38:03 UTC from web
      3. @redenchilada @why The closest to this in real life racing is your lap clock and the average lap for that circuit.

        Saturday, 12-Nov-16 04:41:51 UTC from web