1. @pnirschl Hi Pnirschl, do you guys have group meetups up north to around the South Bend area? I never went father south of Warsaw Indiana, and I never even been to Indianapolis yet.

    Sunday, 08-Jul-12 07:14:08 UTC from web
    1. @darkmoon1991 First of all Welcome, I haven't really planed much recently been busy with school and Hoosier Hooves has ben doing great with their group. If you have a Facebook I would join them they do a lot of meetups. As far as meetups up north I don't know of any, sorry. But Chicago is extremely close so I'll see if I can't find a group there for you.

      Monday, 09-Jul-12 01:59:52 UTC from web
    2. @darkmoon1991 oh, forgot this and this and this

      Monday, 09-Jul-12 02:02:53 UTC from web
      1. @pnirschl Thanks man, I am going to try to get with both groups but I would like to come to Indy because I never been there, but honestly I am one of the worst drivers when it comes to downtown areas lol

        Monday, 09-Jul-12 02:44:39 UTC from web
        1. @darkmoon1991 Well most of our meets aren't downtown I think our next is at the Sailing Club at eagle creek. Also I'm pretty sure were going to have a couple people grouping together for trotcon, midwestria, and Caterlot Gardens. And since the children's museum is free on the first Thursday of every month we have started a monthly meet for that if your interested

          Monday, 09-Jul-12 03:03:47 UTC from web
          1. @pnirschl I would love to come. I rarely go south of the city though just North, West, and sometimes East. When are the events?

            Monday, 09-Jul-12 06:13:13 UTC from web
            1. @darkmoon1991 I'm not exactly sure when they are I want to say the lake meetup is going to be in August but that may change.

              Monday, 09-Jul-12 19:54:50 UTC from web
              1. @pnirschl sounds awesome I will come to the meetup when it happens. I think I saw the name of the lake on the facebook page I forget the name. I sent a request to join.

                Monday, 09-Jul-12 21:16:45 UTC from web
    3. @darkmoon1991 oh, forgot this and this and this

      Monday, 09-Jul-12 02:03:56 UTC from web