1. There are very few times I can watch !mlpfim in more than a half-waken state without shortly having the thought:"I FREAKING LOVE PINKIE PIE"

    Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:34:00 UTC from Gwibber
    1. @retl Hehe :p

      Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:37:03 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @rnbwdashiswin x3

        Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:39:21 UTC from web
    2. @retl I love pinkie pie! XD I dont get why everyone says she's annoying.. wel,l I do- but still. She's adorable! <3

      Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:41:17 UTC from web
      1. @pokerface I personally didn't start to like Pinkie until she went loco xD same with Fluttershy for that matter

        Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:45:58 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @rnbwdashiswin I like all the ponies equally.

          Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:46:38 UTC from web
        2. @rnbwdashiswin

          Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:47:30 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        3. @rnbwdashiswin I tend to remember Fluttershy exists, but forget her role in the group. So far the most memorable thing about her for me is YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME! And aside from that, I like to think of her as a retired Monster Hunter.

          Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:48:43 UTC from web
          1. @retl Haha, I was thinking the same thing XD

            Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:59:15 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      2. @pokerface I think some people might look at her and get the first impression that she's a "random" character, and that might bother them. But I think the people who come to that conclusion don't analyze very far into the words she's saying, which is almost always reactionary, and she tends to ramble in her responses. There are very few times that something she does is truly random, and the closest thing to an example I can think of where she does is from A Bird in the Hoof where she kinda pops up to take the blame for Twilight and Fluttershy, but even that kinda fits in with the reactionary style.

        Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:47:57 UTC from web
        1. @retl I was of the opinion that when she starts rambling like she tends to, it's just her internal monologue being externalized, the smae things go in in the heads of the others but they just don't give it voice

          Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:51:56 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          1. @colfax Yep, pretty much this.

            Sunday, 05-Jun-11 16:57:48 UTC from web
        2. @retl I wasn't nuts about her antics in the beginning of the episode, personally. But that's really about the only problem I've ever had with her.

          Sunday, 05-Jun-11 17:01:31 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          1. @scribus Well, I can't say too much about her antics towards the beginning without a bunch of bias because something about the way her voice sounds with the chocolate thing ... Amuses me? The pie-smashing thing is kinda weird, but I can see her doing that too considering she eats cakes whole Swarm of the Century.

            Sunday, 05-Jun-11 17:06:32 UTC from web
            1. @retl Yeah, I can admit it's not entirely OOC. Just kinda stretching it, IMO. But anyway, still funny in a slapstick way, and if her "Chocolate fountain..." moment were in a better context, absolutely no problemo. :)

              Sunday, 05-Jun-11 17:09:46 UTC from MuSTArDroid