1. Where are places that I can rp as a pony and/or homestuck style character?

    Saturday, 14-Jul-12 23:48:03 UTC from web
    1. @zimzap I've actually seen them doing both /at the same time/

      Saturday, 14-Jul-12 23:48:55 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark ponies as homestucks or homestucks as ponies? I'll add that to the list.

        Saturday, 14-Jul-12 23:50:13 UTC from web
        1. @zimzap It was Nepeta and Equiuus as ponies that I saw.

          Saturday, 14-Jul-12 23:50:50 UTC from web
          1. @ceruleanspark Wait, were they playing pony-versions of them, or playing them playing ponies in a double-thick RP?

            Saturday, 14-Jul-12 23:51:39 UTC from web
          2. @ceruleanspark my little hoofbeast: moiraillegience is magic.

            Saturday, 14-Jul-12 23:55:51 UTC from web
        2. @zimzap maybe homepony as stucks

          Saturday, 14-Jul-12 23:51:09 UTC from web
          1. @mushi maybe ponystuck as home

            Sunday, 15-Jul-12 00:00:21 UTC from web