1. So, the entry codes for the trading card sweepstakes have O's and 0's both, with no explanation as to which one is which. One is a squarish circle, the other is a diamond-shaped circle. I am assuming the diamond is a 0(zero), anyone on here know for sure?

    Thursday, 19-Jul-12 04:58:29 UTC from web
    1. @garylisk Try both ways.

      Thursday, 19-Jul-12 04:59:22 UTC from web
    2. @garylisk I have no idea, but I agree with @techdisk42 - there's a not-terrible chance that it'll give you an error if you get it wrong (I hope).

      Thursday, 19-Jul-12 05:00:13 UTC from web
      1. @scribus Thanks to both of you. Yeah, that's what I did. It accepted them either way, it would just be a time saver to know for certain. Sadly, there's no data out there. Wouldn't it suck if you won, sent the card in, and then they were like "Oh, no, that's a zero, not an o, so this code is actually NOT a winner. Haw haw!" *trollface*

        Thursday, 19-Jul-12 05:04:07 UTC from web
        1. @garylisk Well, good luck! :D

          Thursday, 19-Jul-12 05:05:24 UTC from web