1. Recalling my past multi-day tours and how well muffins work as fuel for me, I'm going to try bringing a 4-pack on tomorrow's ride.

    I'm sure it'll work out pretty well. !cycling

    Friday, 19-May-17 16:43:06 UTC from
    1. @takebatcaveakenji Run the gamut on type of muffin or do you have a set flavour?

      Friday, 19-May-17 16:44:29 UTC from web
      1. @awl I just got blueberry this time.  It's been a pretty reliable choice for me.

        On past trips, I'd try to get variety packs, but the apple crumble ones are too sweet for my stomach.

        Friday, 19-May-17 16:46:26 UTC from
        1. @takepapayaakenji quite fond of lemon poppy, myself. That opium man.

          Friday, 19-May-17 16:47:32 UTC from web
          1. @awl I wonder if those seeds are fake like the blueberries.

            Friday, 19-May-17 16:49:12 UTC from
            1. @takebananaakenji wouldn't be surprised. You know what I found last month that worked for a longer-lasting energy and not much space? Met-RX bars. Shut my stomach up from growling after day 3 of nothing solid and picked me up about the same amount as my mid-day coffee brews did.

              Friday, 19-May-17 16:54:22 UTC from web
              1. @awl I've been trying granola for a long while, but I can't eat enough of it to stay energized for very long because it dehydrates me too much.  I usually end up sick from dehydration after maybe six hours of riding and eating granola, even if I try hard to keep my water intake higher than usual.

                Friday, 19-May-17 16:56:02 UTC from
                1. @takeappleakenji same for the most part, and my jaw hurts after enough chewing. Clif bars don't do mich after an hour either. More like I bring that stuff to occupy myself.

                  Friday, 19-May-17 17:00:36 UTC from web
                  1. @awl I've tried trail mix, too, but that is really hard on my stomach, especially when I'm already dehydrated.

                    Stuff I've tried that actually works:

                    1. Broiled sandwiches.  These take too long to prepare for me to make more than a single batch (3 sandwiches).
                    2. Muffins and pastries.  Probably cheaper than granola.
                    3. Chips and beef jerky.  Going starch+salt seems to work better than going sugar, but I still have to keep on top of hydration.
                    4. Mochas.  Best for towards the end to get my body to burn off all of the food it's accumulated throughout the day.

                    I've learned to stay far away from caffeinated soda, but weaker coffee (not decaf) works okay as long as I stay hydrated.

                    Friday, 19-May-17 17:03:19 UTC from
                    1. @takebatcaveakenji jerky is a good one for sure. Had some of that with me on the two-day I took in February; didn't have that growling thing. Then again backpacking in the winter is different by far than cycling. Didn't have to worry for hydration. Actually this has given me thoughts to mull over when I start doing small tours, so thanks for that!

                      Friday, 19-May-17 17:06:08 UTC from web
                      1. @awl One problem that I still haven't figured out very well is staying warm enough with food stops without also not overheating and getting sweat-soaked when touring in the Winter.

                        That's also part of why I don't do recreational rides in rain anymore.

                        Friday, 19-May-17 17:08:36 UTC from
                        1. @takePotato Knishesakenji I'll be truly ready for tours in the summer so my thoughts will lean on proper hydration. Who knows though; I may do tours closer to winter this time round, if I like it enough. The nice thing about packing is more space, it seems. Do you think it's the temperatures themselves or more the wind that chills you?

                          Friday, 19-May-17 17:11:29 UTC from web
                          1. @awl It's the temperatures.  I stay warm while riding, but cool off when stopping to eat.  I recall lots of painful cold when first starting after a food stop, and they remind me of a couple of hypothermia incidents I had previously, which really cuts down my motivation.

                            Friday, 19-May-17 17:13:13 UTC from
                            1. @takegrapeakenji too bad the stops aren't long enough to justify using charcoal packs. Yeah that dramatic temp change from exertion to more or less sedate movement is a hurdle and a half.

                              Friday, 19-May-17 17:17:43 UTC from web
                              1. @awl And my innermost layers are usually soaked with sweat by then on those colder days when I really need a hardshell outer layer.

                                Friday, 19-May-17 17:18:41 UTC from
                                1. @takebatcaveakenji do you have a quilted coat and if so is it light enough for early-winter temps?

                                  Friday, 19-May-17 17:20:34 UTC from web
                                  1. @awl I usually layer up wool sweaters.

                                    Friday, 19-May-17 17:23:49 UTC from
                                    1. @takekiwiakenji my quilted coat is just the right type of weight that follows the temps throughout most of winter here, so it's a good one for dramatic changes in a day's time. Waterproofing's always nice too.

                                      Friday, 19-May-17 17:26:05 UTC from web
                                      1. @awl What's the material?  I'm trying to avoid cotton since it holds too much fluid ( ).

                                        I can't do synthetic inner layers, either, but they're fine as outer layers.

                                        Friday, 19-May-17 17:27:16 UTC from
                                        1. @takekiwiakenji a polyester blend I think with synthetic inner. The blend must be low enough that it doesn't hold water and I've been in downpours.

                                          Friday, 19-May-17 17:32:59 UTC from web
                                          1. @awl @takebananaakeni I don't have the coat here so I'll have to look at it when home.

                                            Friday, 19-May-17 17:35:06 UTC from web
                                          2. @awl What's the brand of it, so I have a starting point?

                                            Not saying I'd necessarily buy that brand, but anything helps.

                                            Friday, 19-May-17 17:42:04 UTC from
                                            1. @takeFluffle Puffakenji well it's from Snap-On but I don't remember the source brand. And it's a 65/35 polyester/cotton blend outer lining with a 100polyeater inner lining.

                                              Friday, 19-May-17 17:47:30 UTC from web
                                              1. @awl Is it anything like this?:

                                                I know that one's rather expensive, but it was the first search result on Google.

                                                Friday, 19-May-17 17:49:44 UTC from
                                                1. @awl Just as an example, to be clear.

                                                  Friday, 19-May-17 17:51:07 UTC from
                                                2. @takePotato Knishesakenji the exact type right here but yeah that's kind of close.

                                                  Friday, 19-May-17 17:52:08 UTC from web
                                                  1. @awl Ah, canvas.  I have a Carhartt jacket like that, but it's not quite to my liking for riding.  I tried it for a while a few years back.

                                                    Friday, 19-May-17 17:53:15 UTC from
                                                    1. @takepapayaakenji got it 'free' with buying some tools from them back in my mechanic days. I didn't think mich of the coat until my hike to Afton last year in what turned out to be a snowstorm. I was surprised to be dry by time of getting in the tent. It's proven to be effective as hell on my packing journeys since.

                                                      Friday, 19-May-17 17:59:41 UTC from web