1. has enyone here ever eaten at bigbowl? when i was about 7 we had finished out dinner and they brought the dessert demo try out, and the lady said what all the things were. i had decided what i wanted and tried to pull the fake dessert off the tray, only to realize it was not actually food.

    Monday, 06-Aug-12 20:14:00 UTC from web
    1. @pyravia I have actually eaten at the Cannery in Monteray Bay, CA. It was a 5-star Restaurant where a suit was required to eat in the first class dining room. They also brought out a tray of fake desserts which you could select one. My father and I also snuck into the wine celler where there was a King sized long table with a ordinate guest of honor chair. So Cash!

      Monday, 06-Aug-12 20:21:12 UTC from web
      1. @cabal Sneaking into the wine cellar? Bad cabal. *thwacks head*

        Monday, 06-Aug-12 20:23:24 UTC from web
        1. @redenchilada We didn't drink the wine! This is when I was a teen and my father explained about the different types of wine, and some random gibberish about the dates. Those bottles were dusty as my parents computer after three years.

          Monday, 06-Aug-12 20:25:46 UTC from web
          1. @cabal Wine is an interesting subject to learn about. I actually don't like drinking it, but I have some 30 years old bottles just because it's fun to age them.

            Monday, 06-Aug-12 20:27:52 UTC from web
          2. @cabal Acceptable.

            Monday, 06-Aug-12 20:28:39 UTC from web
      2. @cabal hehehe theres no places like that where i live, so we drive for as long as 3 hours to go try new places, like the other week we went to this winery hidden in a beautiful valley along a small creek, out door seating, with the grapes on the vines, it was nice XD

        Monday, 06-Aug-12 20:24:29 UTC from web

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