1. These two Mexican detectives are investigating the murder of Juan Hernandez. One of them looks at the body and says, "This was clearly done with a golf gun." The other looks at him and says, "What the heck is a golf gun?" "I don't know, but it sure did make a hole in Juan." #

    Thursday, 09-Jun-11 16:39:45 UTC from web
    1. @starshine Oh, the pun-ishment!

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 16:40:27 UTC from web
    2. @starshine ughh

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 16:41:21 UTC from StatusNet Android
      1. @carcinopony Is good. Yourself?

        Thursday, 09-Jun-11 16:43:20 UTC from web
        1. @drewdle I'm Okay. Just wading through school. This day needs to end, but it just started.

          Thursday, 09-Jun-11 16:44:59 UTC from StatusNet Android
    3. @rotation That reminds me of the chainsaw that's powered by a single 9-volt and a cup of seasoning... it's charged with salt and battery.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 16:46:28 UTC from web
    4. @rotation Groan.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 16:50:44 UTC from web
    5. @starshine YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thursday, 13-Oct-11 23:00:02 UTC from web
    6. @starshine hehe, I like :)

      Friday, 14-Oct-11 17:14:46 UTC from web
    7. @starshine This is currently the most popular notice on RDN

      Friday, 14-Oct-11 22:33:54 UTC from web
    8. @starshine lol

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 21:19:21 UTC from web