1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @stockingsparkle I never died on Other M... am I hard core, guys?

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 22:57:57 UTC from web
    2. @stockingsparkle They should make the Panty and Stocking game. Rated AO

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 22:58:19 UTC from StatusNet Android
    3. @abigpony But it *isn't* working. The casual gamers moved along to iPads, and the hardcore gamers are on their Xbox 360s.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:02:49 UTC from web
    4. @stockingsparkle No.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:03:29 UTC from web
    5. @abigpony Exactly. Few have, and it's telling that their stock price went DOWN several points after their E3 presentation.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:07:49 UTC from web
    6. @stockingsparkle What does "hardcore" even mean? Playing one game for long periods of time? Playing lots of different games? Playing only first person shooters and "mature" themed things?

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:11:34 UTC from web
      1. @retl what is a man?

        Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:15:43 UTC from StatusNet Android
        1. @carcinopony A MISERABLE PILE OF squeakies

          Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:21:08 UTC from web
          1. @retl NO.

            Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:22:22 UTC from StatusNet Android
            1. @carcinopony A pony's soul and rubber filled with air?

              Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:33:07 UTC from web
              1. @retl stop that. I'll Fatality you.

                Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:34:06 UTC from StatusNet Android
                1. @carcinopony What's a fatality? Can I eat it?

                  Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:35:00 UTC from web
                  1. @retl totally # totally

                    Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:37:17 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    1. @carcinopony *A new @Retl falls from the sky and onto your back with a THUMP* Yay! Let's play!

                      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:38:46 UTC from web
                      1. @retl ill do it again.

                        Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:39:45 UTC from StatusNet Android
                        1. @carcinopony: *A new @Retl falls from the sky with a squeak.* Let's play! Wheee~

                          Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:58:23 UTC from Gwibber
                          1. @retl ill do it again.

                            Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:59:41 UTC from StatusNet Android
                            1. @carcinopony *A new gummi @Retl falls from the sky with a plap.* Eeeeat meeeee~

                              Friday, 10-Jun-11 00:02:01 UTC from web
                              1. @retl ill do it again

                                Friday, 10-Jun-11 00:04:18 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                1. @carcinopony *Reforms* You know, you're not suppose to play with your food.

                                  Friday, 10-Jun-11 00:34:44 UTC from web
                                  1. @retl I can keep this up all day

                                    Friday, 10-Jun-11 00:36:24 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                    1. @carcinopony But then I'll get all stale and crunchy and taste like splitting in half.

                                      Friday, 10-Jun-11 00:37:48 UTC from web
                                      1. @retl what's that? 'violently tear me oh two?' Can do.

                                        Friday, 10-Jun-11 00:38:42 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                        1. @carcinopony *Reforms* That's not how eating works! You have to kinda let it slide down your throat hole.

                                          Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:10:08 UTC from web
                                          1. @retl ill go scorpion on your mangoes.

                                            Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:10:34 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                            1. @carcinopony I think scorpions can eat gummi candies... Sure, go for it!

                                              Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:13:17 UTC from web
                                              1. @retl I wonder if the # tag is necessary for this?

                                                Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:18:07 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                                1. @carcinopony 's gummy candy turns to ash. A new @Retl falls from the sky. Now with bonus GIGARELT. Hiya! Wanna Gigarelt? I don't know what it does, but someone messed up and order and now we have warehouses full of them. So now we're giving them away! For free! !oatmeal

                                                  Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:27:33 UTC from web
                                                  1. @retl SONIC LOVEBOOM!

                                                    Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:28:35 UTC from web
                                                  2. @retl # still debating

                                                    Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:29:38 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                                    1. @carcinopony I don't even understand what that is a graphical representation of, actually.

                                                      Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:33:57 UTC from web
                                                      1. @retl I don't know but I don't want it to happen to me.

                                                        Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:34:50 UTC from StatusNet Android
    7. @abigpony I'm getting to the point where I think majority of the big titles are redundant, as almost everything is HEY HERE'S ANOTHER SEQUEL HEY HERE'S ANOTHER SEQUEL HEY HERE'S ANOTHER SEQUEL. Xbox is all about OMG THE POWER OF THE GUN PAY US MONEY AND YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE PS3 is like like HEY WE CAN ONLY DO EVERYTHINGonethingatatime and Nintendo's like WE CAN MANAGE IT ALL OURSELVES. LEAVE LUCK TO THE HEAVENS along with any kind of network features or support for smaller titles. As of late, I've pretty much just taken to looking more at older PC games that I've been missing all this time, like System Shock, Wizardy 7, and pretty much anything spoken well of either by Lazy Game Reviews or Ancient DOS Games. Oh, and Steam is impressive. But I'm more likely to find niche things between indies and oldies... Actually, I think I've written this before.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:18:30 UTC from web
    8. @stockingsparkle !portalponi Or Portal 2..

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:19:57 UTC from web
    9. @stockingsparkle Blame lazy developers for that.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:20:43 UTC from web
    10. @stockingsparkle They're the most played consoles? Where are the numbers? I will say though that I have hardly played my Wii since I've come over to my PS3 and found a lot of neat features for netplay and demos... But I'm still having an extremely hard justifying the money spent in this PS3 as there's nothing I've wanted to see (MLPFiM) on BluRay yet, and pretty much all of the games I've wanted to play on the thing except for Disgaea can be played on even low-end PCs anyway (Devil May Cry or Portal 2). Kingdom Hearts 3 never happened and doesn't look like it ever will. Disgaea doesn't really make much sense as an exclusive when they'd be getting more money by releasing on all consoles, because they sure as heck aren't pushing the limits on hardware for what they need to run. And when pretty much every 360 I've ever touched eventually had a red ring of death? (Keeping in mind, I've only touched two, neither of which were owned by me.) I have no interest in investing the money in it.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:26:53 UTC from web
    11. @stockingsparkle Nintendo is disappointing me too. But I think that even with the things they're doing that I'm disagreeing with, they're doing the most in the way of avoiding killing off the whole console game industry. If left to marketing firms to keep pushing out the same things that already sell over and over, eventually people will have played enough of the same-old to get sick of it, and stop buying it. That's why the Wii was a saving throw, and Wii U is almost-kinda a saving throw again. They have a chance at pulling in new-players with their approach, but looking at how the 3rd parties keep shoveling dirt at Wii or avoiding it entirely says a lot about what their mode of thinking is for production... Though with the budgets modern games demand, money talks. That said, we're kinda skipping all mention of portables, which may not be fair.

      Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:30:19 UTC from web
      1. @retl IIRC the 3DS failed to meet Ninty's profit expectations.

        Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:31:55 UTC from web
        1. @starshine I wouldn't be too surprised if it did. My question is, though, where were all the games for the thing when it released?

          Thursday, 09-Jun-11 23:32:45 UTC from web
    12. @stockingsparkle: Augmented reality and abandoning controllers aren't exclusive. 3DS for example already has a bit of the Augmented Reality elements going for it. Though we're not really going to get to sci-fi-made-real levels until someone basically takes a gamble by bringing back the Virtual Boy, and applying all this motion/camera stuff to it. Problem is that most of the applications of that kind of technology for GAMES kinda requires haptic technology that simply isn't practical for commercial consumption yet. AS for the 3D glasses thing, that IS kinda cool. But I'm not going to buy a new TV and 3D glasses to play a game local multiplayer when I could just split-screen it for no additional cost. For the people with the budget to take all that, that'll probably be a huge step up... if they play games local multiplayer. Neither Medal of Honor nor Uncharted 2 which came with my PS3 when I bought it offered those features. I sold them.

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 00:22:17 UTC from Gwibber
    13. @abigpony no u

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:19:45 UTC from StatusNet Android
    14. @abigpony not even.

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:23:42 UTC from StatusNet Android
    15. @abigpony I not jelly. Not of you.

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 01:25:52 UTC from StatusNet Android