1. Ok, im gonna stop after this, but dont say i didnt warn you guys when Rdn turns into a colourful emoticonny mess that is painful to read.

    Sunday, 19-Aug-12 05:51:02 UTC from web
    1. @techdisk42 Geez, quit whining about it. Emoticon spam will be dealt with the same way any other spam is.

      Sunday, 19-Aug-12 05:52:44 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada thats why i said i would stop.

        Sunday, 19-Aug-12 05:54:25 UTC from web
      2. @redenchilada Haven't seen an opportunity for this in awhile :D

        Sunday, 19-Aug-12 05:59:01 UTC from web
        1. @starlightbolt that episode is one of my favorites.

          Sunday, 19-Aug-12 05:59:32 UTC from web
          1. @jojoax forever one of mine as well :D

            Sunday, 19-Aug-12 06:00:33 UTC from web