1. Yup that's the one! I love it there too, a lot of things there makes it feel like home.
    I remember one funny thing, we stopped at a gas station, I was standing just outside eating a snickers, then a guy walks past me and notice this crazy big colored bug on the trash can next to me, and we both thought that thing was looking crazy, we both stood there talking to eachoter trying to figure out what the hell that thing was, then after a minute we realized we where looking at a plastic toy that someone had put there. haha, I always think about that one when I hear the name Minnesota.
    If I was ever going to move to the states then Minnesota would be on the top of my list.

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    1. @stigatle I definitely made a point to move to Minnesota when settling in the States and not even for mountains will I live anywhere else.

      about 11 months ago from web