1. My recommendation is we revert to the Internet as it was before Facebook.

    Thursday, 05-Apr-18 21:03:43 UTC from
    1. @moonman BRB, buying MySpace stock.

      Thursday, 05-Apr-18 21:04:26 UTC from
    2. @moonman We could kiwipost in the original 4chan

      Thursday, 05-Apr-18 21:04:46 UTC from
    3. @moonman I speak for all women as a proud feminist when I say they are too stupid to use anything besides Facebook. If you hate Facebook, you hate women.

      Thursday, 05-Apr-18 21:08:35 UTC from
    4. @moonman I knew I'd been donating to for a reason! Other than Grateful Dead bootlegs.

      Thursday, 05-Apr-18 21:24:23 UTC from web