1. !Calgary Was sooo much fun seeing y'all today! *hugs everypony*

    Sunday, 16-Sep-12 04:01:50 UTC from web
    1. @pseudoartiste it was good seeing you again after such a long hiatus. and in good health no less! hope you can make it to more meets in the future.

      Sunday, 16-Sep-12 04:19:05 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    2. @pseudoartiste What do you and Tay's schedules look like on Mondays? I have a two-hour gap between classes in the mornings, it'd be nice if I could swing by and say hey.

      Sunday, 16-Sep-12 04:19:17 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @puzzlemint Neither of us have class until after noon. Mornings are evil.

        Monday, 17-Sep-12 23:34:20 UTC from web
        1. @mayhapmurklins Sucks for me. How was London, by the way? Was it foggy? I hear it's foggy.

          Monday, 17-Sep-12 23:41:19 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          1. @puzzlemint I shall never understand the horrible earliness of morning classes. They are awful. I'm confused though. What's this about London?

            Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 02:42:45 UTC from web
            1. @mayhapmurklins I must've misheard. I could've sworn DL mentioned something about London when she was explaining why you weren't at the barbecue. We missed you, by the way!

              Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 02:46:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              1. @puzzlemint Oh! I was actually hanging out with my friend who is moving to England at the end of the week. We made cupcakes and watched Firefly! It's too bad the timing didn't work out so I could go to the barbecue. It sounds like it was super fun! By the way, thank you for grabbing me a poster. It's awesome!

                Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 03:02:20 UTC from web
                1. @mayhapmurklins You're very welcome. I'm just sorry I didn't think of it sooner; I could've grabbed you one of the cast posters, too.

                  Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 03:04:49 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  1. @puzzlemint No worries. It is a very cool poster filled with awesomeness!

                    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 03:13:29 UTC from web
    3. @pseudoartiste nice seeing you at the BBQ, hope to see you again

      Sunday, 16-Sep-12 04:21:50 UTC from StatusNet Desktop