Puzzlemint (puzzlemint)

  1. @unhipdruid Apparently it doesn't auto-detect on any system with an ATI/AMD graphics card. So, that moves the estimate closer to 2004.

    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 00:23:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  2. !vgp So I just loaded up Far Cry 3 for the first time, and it started in 800x600. Was this game made in 1998, or something?

    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 00:19:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  3. @ovation !calgary No, no. Standard is the one where you're only allowed to play cards from the newest sets. You were there when Darcy was playing Stasis, you know we don't do that.

    Sunday, 21-Oct-12 15:28:01 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  4. @teriyaki No format. Any deck is welcome, though decks that are fun to play against are preferred (no Stasis decks, please; we've already both been there and done that).

    Saturday, 20-Oct-12 17:00:37 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  5. @clash yup

    Saturday, 20-Oct-12 01:45:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  6. @darcyblue Red Deer.

    Tuesday, 16-Oct-12 01:23:45 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  7. @pumpkinwolfie !calgary @thetundraterror doesn't check RDN very often. Posting this to the group in the hopes that someone who DOES check RDN knows how to get in touch with him so you can make proper arrangements.

    Tuesday, 16-Oct-12 01:11:06 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  8. @thatonestocking !vgp I'll second this. Dishonored makes me a happy gamer in a way that not many games can boast.

    Sunday, 14-Oct-12 23:11:51 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  9. @noir I'll see what I can do. Making a better deck usually involves spending money on better cards, though.

    Monday, 08-Oct-12 01:57:13 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  10. @pumpkinwolfie Nope. That was @pseudoartiste.

    Saturday, 06-Oct-12 12:29:01 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  11. !calgary Here is my latest drawing that I drew three weeks ago and only just got around to scanning and which most of you have already seen. http://fav.me/d5gpfu3

    Tuesday, 02-Oct-12 22:42:53 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  12. @hoofnificent We gonna meet up after school and hang out until the show starts, right? When/where do we meet? I get out of class at 4, so I've got time to kill.

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 15:52:09 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  13. @mayhapmurklins So much jelly..

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 05:14:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  14. @mayhapmurklins You're very welcome. I'm just sorry I didn't think of it sooner; I could've grabbed you one of the cast posters, too.

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 03:04:49 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  15. @mayhapmurklins I must've misheard. I could've sworn DL mentioned something about London when she was explaining why you weren't at the barbecue. We missed you, by the way!

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 02:46:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  16. @mayhapmurklins Sucks for me. How was London, by the way? Was it foggy? I hear it's foggy.

    Monday, 17-Sep-12 23:41:19 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  17. @noir Didn't mind

    Monday, 17-Sep-12 13:26:39 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  18. @pseudoartiste What do you and Tay's schedules look like on Mondays? I have a two-hour gap between classes in the mornings, it'd be nice if I could swing by and say hey.

    Sunday, 16-Sep-12 04:19:17 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  19. @puzzlemint !calgary And now I have Taokaka's autograph. Totally worth it. http://ur1.ca/a8v11

    Saturday, 15-Sep-12 22:16:26 UTC from web in context
  20. !calgary I've never heard of Weiß*Schwarz. I don't even care. I also don't care that I can't afford anything, because I saw these and I HAD TO HAVE THEM. So, now I have them. http://ur1.ca/a8uw2

    Saturday, 15-Sep-12 21:58:23 UTC from web in context
  21. @hoofnificent I'll be there

    Thursday, 06-Sep-12 22:30:01 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  22. @moneybags @hoofnificent Well, I was waiting for him in Aldred, but apparently he was waiting for me in Heart, and I didn't get the message 'til half an hour later. We should probably all just swap phone numbers at the next meetup. Texting would probably be more reliable than RDN

    Thursday, 06-Sep-12 17:35:30 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  23. @hoofnificent Definitely challenge it anyway. COMP220 is a complete waste of time. I ended up skipping over a third of it, and I still got an A+

    Thursday, 06-Sep-12 03:23:58 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  24. @hoofnificent Sounds good

    Wednesday, 05-Sep-12 01:41:31 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  25. @hoofnificent My schedule, as it currently stands. I'm basically always in either Tom Riley or whatever the new building is called. Lemme know if we're in the same neighborhood at any point on there. http://ur1.ca/a46ej

    Wednesday, 05-Sep-12 00:50:58 UTC from web in context
  26. !calgary !college http://s16.postimage.org/wpm1njihx/2012_09_04_12_35_48.jpg Well, here we go again.

    Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 18:39:04 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  27. !calgary !college So I'm standing in line to get a transit pass sticker put on my student ID. But, for some reason, it's the same lineup for getting a brand new ID. I'd like to know who thought this was a good idea, because it's actually very inefficient. I spent less time in line to get Tara Strong's autograph at the expo.

    Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 17:16:31 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  28. !calgary !college http://s11.postimage.org/ixj5q2wir/2012_09_04_08_40_07.jpg First class to officially use the new lab. Looks pretty stylish.

    Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 14:50:51 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  29. !calgary !college Class starts in 20 minutes. I think I might actually try putting effort in this year. Coasting my way to straight A+'s just feels weird.

    Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 13:44:43 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  30. !vgp After spending a good chunk of the day browsing Steam's new # service, I've compiled a short list of some particularly noteworthy projects that I felt like sharing ||| A Walk in the Dark: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92918945 ||| Bleed: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92919970 ||| Cognition: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92915746 ||| Contrast: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92921128 ||| Fly'n: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92925091 ||| I would love to see each of these get the recognition they deserve; if you agree (or disagree), please take a moment to vote accordingly.

    Saturday, 01-Sep-12 02:10:16 UTC from StatusNet Desktop