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Techno-electro-dubstep-whatever Ponies

Techno-electro-dubstep-whatever Ponies

!technoponies electro music techno

A group for ponies who like such types of music, especially those awesome 8-bit remixes by

Techno-electro-dubstep-whatever Ponies (technoponies) group


  1. !music @techdisk man your a champion XD so good.

    about 2 days ago from web
    • !music Addative/ subtractive synthesis is SO neat. perfect for a control freak such as myself.

      about 12 days ago from web
      • !Music Some methods of vocoding work better when you intentionally sing off key for mixing. Honestly i struggle with this because i naturally want to sing in key... il make it work :/

        about 19 days ago from web
        • !music i played the piano again... Started this composition.

          about 21 days ago from web
        • !music Man i dont care i can still appreciate the little /good/ dubstep i hear. though its usually for a brief period of time and along side glitchhop.

          about 23 days ago from web
        • !Music What me and my mate Housepaint were working on, its dope but incomplete. (Preview only seems to work for Firefox users so may incurred an mp3 DL)

          about 24 days ago from web
        • !Music Fruity Mute 2 MUTE IT HARDER!

          about a month ago from web
        • Im going to make dubstep now...

          about a month ago from web
        • KITTEN LEAVE MY CABLES ALONE, ruining my setup man... !music <- just learned this existed :3

          about a month ago from web
        • Hey so my friend is in 3 place in this thing for music contest and such so give it a listen and if you like it go give him a vote to get him to # !music

          about 5 months ago from web
          • !technoponies Here, have an hour of EDM, mashups, and a bit of Balloon Party ;) (59MB, OGG format) # for language in some songs - I'll put up a tracklist when I load up Ableton again :P

            Saturday, 01-Dec-12 23:21:59 UTC from web
            • # # # Best android song downloader for the soul fact that it shows you the actual bitrate of the songs. Also, you can't find it on playstore anymore., . .besides a shell version that sucks.

              Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 10:07:28 UTC from web
            • !technoponies New Song *yay*

              Sunday, 15-Jul-12 00:17:56 UTC from web
            • !technoponies NEW DUBSTEP SONG :D

              Wednesday, 20-Jun-12 19:26:32 UTC from web
              • !technoponies New song :D

                Saturday, 02-Jun-12 16:25:48 UTC from web
                • !technoponies NEW SONG WHOOO!

                  Tuesday, 22-May-12 00:52:12 UTC from web
                  • !technoponies hello my ponies

                    Saturday, 19-May-12 04:38:42 UTC from web
                  • !technoponies second song evar :)

                    Wednesday, 02-May-12 02:01:18 UTC from web
                    • @zimzap 31

                      Saturday, 18-Feb-12 23:39:51 UTC from web
                    • !techno Why do I keep falling for this "Nightcore" thing?

                      Saturday, 04-Feb-12 07:11:58 UTC from web
                      • !technoponies who here likes Excision?!

                        Thursday, 26-Jan-12 16:30:17 UTC from web
                      • !technoponies RUSKO!

                        Saturday, 01-Oct-11 21:49:53 UTC from web
                      • !technoponies In my dream, I had a P0N-3 VST, which had a single slider that changed the tone/EQ/reverb of bass kicks. P0N-3 was shown in the background of it, bobbing her head to the beat. WANT IRL.

                        Monday, 19-Sep-11 22:27:51 UTC from web
                        • !technoponies Electronic pony artists should make sure to check out the pony content creation community I run at!

                          Friday, 16-Sep-11 23:08:11 UTC from web
                          • !technoponies Oh man, I cannot get Daft Punk out of my head.

                            Sunday, 11-Sep-11 02:38:21 UTC from web
                            • !technoponies CANNOT get Daft Punk OUTTA MY HEAD

                              Saturday, 10-Sep-11 18:49:11 UTC from web
                              • !technoponies Listening to Daft Punk still <3

                                Friday, 09-Sep-11 15:52:36 UTC from web
                              • !technoponies Still listening to Daft Punk, dammit.

                                Thursday, 08-Sep-11 08:22:19 UTC from web
                                • !technoponies So gais, who are your favorite electronica artists? Mine are deadmau5 and Daft Punk.

                                  Thursday, 08-Sep-11 01:06:35 UTC from web
                                • !technoponies Well, this is f****** horrible beyond all measure.

                                  Wednesday, 07-Sep-11 06:31:40 UTC from web


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