1. What`s about Sonic the Hedgehog?

    about 5 months ago from web
    1. @ponfive It has been 20 years since there was a sonic movie, so a team of production companies got together to make a new one, this time going for the full CGI bonanzafest that we pretty much have in all modern 201X movies of nowadays.

      And even though there were some 'leaks' of sonics design the studio responsible chose to went ahead with the trailer despite all of the negative backlash about the leaks. Soon the leaks were shown to be really truthfull when the official trailer was released and fans exploded with anger about how dumb it all looks. For instance Sonic looks WAY more like a human toddler than what he kinda is supposed to look like. ( Big shoes, big head, white gloves )

      As such the director team told the graphics department "HEY ! FIX IT !" ... Now let us hope the story will have a statisfying conclusion when the movie releases in November.

      about 5 months ago from web