1. Yesterday I helped moving my friends. The whole moving operation hinged on me because I am the only one with enough driving experience to drive a transporter. Also the whole thing was done until midnight. And now I have yet one of those days where I had only 4 hours of sleep.

    about 7 months ago from web
    1. @adiwan I once drove a 15ft moving truck cross country. Lane changing and stopping was terrifying and I avoided them for the entire trip. The truck broke down in Jbip and I had to postpone my work start date and wait literally over half a day to get a tow.

      about 6 months ago from web
      1. @thismightbeauser the car I drove was a Mercedes Sprinter. It was fairly OK to drive but in tight curves I occasionally touched the curb with the rear tyre.

        about 6 months ago from web