1. Theoretically the work rules and environment at highschools nowadays is downright nightmarish, but since in practice what you can and can't do comes down to how you frame it and how good you are at talking your way through the hierarchy, it's not stressful at all for me and so long as I get results the administration doesn't get in the way.
    I do often see other teachers that aren't good at the workplace politics losing hair and sleep over it though.

    about 6 months ago from web
    1. @nerthos Ha, "other teachers" / "the District" has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks in my deciding to actually goto school and get teacher-certified up, I do not politick worth a crap

      about 6 months ago from web
      1. @scribus For me "other teachers" hasn't been too big a hurdle, because even though some are antagonistic (particularly the ideologues) they also tend to be massive cowards, so my usual strategy of just talking with full honesty to whoever's in charge is not something they know how to deal with.
        The district and the ministry are another issue altogether, they seem to be on some sort of one-sided competition to prove the limits of insanity and incompetence when it comes to regulations and counterproductive ideas can yet be pushed further. The latest great ideas they had was a proposal to remove the attendance requirements so that students can't fail a class by not attending; and to demand tech schools be more lax with dress code (the dress code for tech school is just no hats, no piercings or jewelry in the workshop, pants without holes and knee-length blue or white overall/duster, all of which are basic safety requirements in a workshop)

        about 6 months ago from web