1. My neighbours dog makes living here like living under some military curfew. If you leave your house, it barks at you constantly like you're an escaping prisoner.

    Monday, 01-Oct-12 06:35:26 UTC from web
    1. @ceruleanspark The obvious way to fix that is to become a Lich. A mortal Kombat playing, alcohol drinking Lich.

      Monday, 01-Oct-12 06:36:26 UTC from web
    2. @ceruleanspark ? (Of course)

      Monday, 01-Oct-12 06:38:24 UTC from web
      1. @whimsy So what's your story new kid?

        Monday, 01-Oct-12 06:48:08 UTC from web
        1. @anarchycarcino I went hunting for local brony groups, and this place had one of the results that popped up. Looked interesting, so I signed up. Gotta find my feet now, though, heh

          Monday, 01-Oct-12 06:55:23 UTC from web
          1. @whimsy Could be worse.

            Monday, 01-Oct-12 06:55:51 UTC from web
          2. @whimsy welcome to RDN! I love seeing newponies!

            Monday, 01-Oct-12 07:11:01 UTC from web