1. I am impressed at the power of pony!

    Friday, 24-Jun-11 17:35:17 UTC from web
    1. @zorinlynx it can melt the hearts of even the coldest people

      Friday, 24-Jun-11 17:37:03 UTC from web
    2. @zorinlynx I used to be a cynical anti-furry homophobic 4chan troll until I learned the Friendship of Magic. Now I love everyone <3

      Friday, 24-Jun-11 17:38:35 UTC from web
      1. @ignaesia That should have been "Magic of Friendship", I haven't even drank anything yet!

        Friday, 24-Jun-11 17:39:02 UTC from web
      2. @ignaesia friendship at the end of a muffin

        Friday, 24-Jun-11 17:39:17 UTC from web
    3. @zach121k why hate when you can love and tolerate?

      Friday, 24-Jun-11 17:41:47 UTC from web