1. little up-date about me after the fiht, swelling in my lip has gone down and im no longer dizzy, but im still in pain.

    Friday, 02-Nov-12 03:13:28 UTC from web
    1. @camero Good to hear! I'm glad it's gotten better. :)

      Friday, 02-Nov-12 03:15:25 UTC from web
      1. @dlcentaur thanks, head still hurts, they slammed my head into the door really hard.

        Friday, 02-Nov-12 03:17:27 UTC from web
        1. @camero Awwww! # I'm sorry!! :/

          Friday, 02-Nov-12 03:18:08 UTC from web
          1. @dlcentaur thanks.

            Friday, 02-Nov-12 03:19:48 UTC from web