1. Jason.

    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:12:43 UTC from web
    1. @haganbmj Jason.

      Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:15:07 UTC from StatusNet Android
      1. @anarchycarcino Quite.

        Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:15:45 UTC from web
        1. @haganbmj Hello Hagan.

          Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:16:12 UTC from StatusNet Android
          1. @anarchycarcino Hello Carcino, surprised to see you here.

            Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:16:54 UTC from web
            1. @haganbmj Why wouldn't I be here?

              Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:17:29 UTC from StatusNet Android
              1. @anarchycarcino Well, certainly - just didn't expect to see you here during the same span of a few minutes I would check this site. It has been 3 months since my last visit.

                Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:18:23 UTC from web
                1. @haganbmj Blame whoever is in. Charge. I always have to be on, to defend the site.

                  Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:19:14 UTC from StatusNet Android
                  1. @anarchycarcino What a Knight in Shining Armor.

                    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:20:04 UTC from web
                    1. @haganbmj Have to keep the bananas posters out.

                      Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:20:34 UTC from StatusNet Android
                      1. @anarchycarcino Was this some form of trending topic during my three month absence? How has the attendance here been by the way now that Season 3 is in full swing. My facebook page has been dead as hell since season 2 ended (and still is).

                        Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:22:08 UTC from web
                        1. @haganbmj What topic? 3 has brought more people, most annoying. You know how it is.

                          Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:23:36 UTC from StatusNet Android
                          1. @anarchycarcino Bananas Posters? But yeah, seems like a seasonal thing.

                            Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:25:26 UTC from web
                            1. @haganbmj The word filter turns swears into fruits. papayas posters.

                              Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:26:24 UTC from StatusNet Android
                              1. @anarchycarcino Oh word filters - ew. Yeah that's awkward.

                                Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:27:01 UTC from web
                                1. @haganbmj You're telling me. Some users flipped their apples and left all together because of it.

                                  Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:28:21 UTC from StatusNet Android
                                  1. @anarchycarcino Haha, I can only imagine the abuse of the filter in the following days too.

                                    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:28:58 UTC from web
          2. @anarchycarcino I see the website has gotten uglier. Invalidated all my css overwrites :/

            Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:17:30 UTC from web
            1. @haganbmj ;_;

              Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:21:54 UTC from web
              1. @redenchilada O.o That makes three familiar names.

                Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:22:29 UTC from web
                1. @haganbmj You said the site's uglier. ;______;

                  Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:24:06 UTC from web
                  1. @redenchilada Indeed I did :( ~ Sorry. I've never been a fan of dark color schemes, especially when they feature lime green hyperlinks.

                    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:26:07 UTC from web
                    1. @haganbmj Oh, you just mean the space theme

                      Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:28:08 UTC from web
                      1. @redenchilada Er yeah - there are multiple?

                        Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:28:36 UTC from web
                      2. @redenchilada Ohh, you guys added most of the RDNRefresh options into the userpanel. Nice. Custom theming is available - whee

                        Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:31:32 UTC from web
                        1. @haganbmj That was kinda broken last I tried it. Hasn't been updated for the new theme yet :c

                          Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:33:36 UTC from web
                          1. @redenchilada Yeah, digging through it now. Doesn't update the message field boxes. Everything else seems reasonable though.

                            Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:34:54 UTC from web
                            1. @haganbmj It's technically not supposed to set a background color on the sidebar either. That option was changed to adjust the wrapper color.

                              Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:35:58 UTC from web
                              1. @redenchilada Gotcha. Well at least I can look at the timeline now. Flat Black on White.

                                Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 01:36:38 UTC from web