1. F***. Another week without Dungeons & Dragons. Because of many different circumstances we haven't played for a whole month!

    Sunday, 30-Dec-12 15:12:45 UTC from Choqok
    1. @broniebrown D&D is something me and my friends keep meaning to get around to playing!

      Sunday, 30-Dec-12 15:17:05 UTC from web
      1. @anthonyrothstein I really like to play D&D because of the game itself and for the reason that my friends and I can sit together and joke around. We don't find much time to spend time together so it is always sad when a game night is cancelled.

        Sunday, 30-Dec-12 15:33:14 UTC from Choqok
        1. @broniebrown pizza, alcohol and ROLEPLAYING GAMES! Sounds great!

          Sunday, 30-Dec-12 15:43:24 UTC from web
          1. @anthonyrothstein There are only a few ones who drink beer in our group. Most of us have to drive or don't like alcohol. We drink "Club-Mate" ( for the coffeine. Besides that we order always pizza and eat a lot of sweets.

            Sunday, 30-Dec-12 16:00:28 UTC from Choqok
            1. @broniebrown Luckily I have lived next to the Haribo factory for a long time <3 lots of candy for us. And though my friends do enjoy a bit of whisky, we tend to fuel up on Mt. Dew, Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper! xD

              Sunday, 30-Dec-12 16:13:31 UTC from web
              1. @anthonyrothstein The girls from my group bake cupcakes or cookies from time to time. I always bring every time a different kind of candy or snack. We usually drink Club-Mate, juices, mineral water, all kinds of softdrinks. Sometimes the pizza delivery man brings a free bottle of Coca Cola (we always order at a pizzaria not far away, about 300 metres). I like Mt. Dew and Dr Pepper but noone else likes it.

                Sunday, 30-Dec-12 16:27:00 UTC from Choqok
                1. @broniebrown bless dem girls baking! I keep meaning to attend my Universitie's tabletop society meets, it sounds pretty fun.

                  Sunday, 30-Dec-12 16:40:53 UTC from web