1. !bcbronies To anyone still here, who would be up for some CMC inspired bowling sometime next month?

    Thursday, 10-Jan-13 20:24:14 UTC from web
    1. !bcbronies @jackzhang Sounds adorable and fun, I'd be down if I'm able to make it.

      Thursday, 10-Jan-13 20:46:20 UTC from web
      1. @bronymike !bcbronies It's most likely gonna be at Rev's. Sunday or some weekday maybe?

        Thursday, 10-Jan-13 23:25:00 UTC from web
      2. @bronymike !bcbronies I'll probably have to see which day works for you and work around that. Let's talk on Skype about that.

        Friday, 11-Jan-13 10:41:07 UTC from web