1. Has anyone else joined !ingress yet?

    Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 21:04:12 UTC from web
    1. @techdisk !ingress I has! O3O

      Thursday, 28-Mar-13 17:14:34 UTC from web
      1. @derpyshy !ingress hello Kermit!

        Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:22:36 UTC from web
        1. @techdisk Ribbit 0_0

          Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:48:15 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          1. @derpyshy :D

            Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:50:14 UTC from web
            1. @techdisk :3

              Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:53:27 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    2. @widget yes. Even though I think I'm the slowest person in Toronto at getting to level 2...

      Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:29:11 UTC from web
    3. @widget I live in a very sparse (portal-wise) area of Toronto, so its frustrating. I hardly ever go downtown and that's where all the portals are.

      Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:33:20 UTC from web
    4. @snowcone where do you live approximately? There's probs at least a few portals around you.

      Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:35:20 UTC from web
    5. @snowcone ah. OK then.

      Sunday, 31-Mar-13 16:37:04 UTC from web