1. I can't believe I never knew about this site. And the meetups in my area. I've been watching this show since season 1 and never knew o.o

    Friday, 15-Mar-13 02:56:05 UTC from web
    1. @bolexle i feel ya

      Friday, 15-Mar-13 02:56:27 UTC from web
    2. @bolexle Welcome to RDN newpony! Tell us something about yourself.

      Friday, 15-Mar-13 02:58:48 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos Been a closet Pony fan since mid season 1, none of my close friends watch it (As far as I know) so it doesn't really have a large part in my life besides just enjoying the show. I may head to the meetup in my area this weekend though and try to expand my group of friends a bit though ;)

        Friday, 15-Mar-13 03:01:36 UTC from web
        1. @bolexle Moderate follower of the show. Sounds good. Meetup sounds appealing.

          Friday, 15-Mar-13 03:08:00 UTC from web
    3. @widget Now whose fault is that

      Friday, 15-Mar-13 02:59:32 UTC from web
    4. @widget A) # B) please check context

      Friday, 15-Mar-13 03:01:55 UTC from web
    5. @vt3c *receives hug* Woot internet hugs!

      Friday, 15-Mar-13 03:02:14 UTC from web
    6. @widget Eh, I didn't mean it as anything more than a playful jab but ok.

      Friday, 15-Mar-13 03:04:24 UTC from web