1. Equestria Girls Trailer Followup - Notable Points of Interest from the Trailer: We are getting absolutely swarmed with emails of did you see x in the trailer! so lets do one of those good old fashioned episode followup style posts specifically for it! Head on down past the break for a whole bunch of notable pieces, from background characters to Twilight Sparkle not being a pony.  Sadly there isn't an HD version yet, so >

    Monday, 13-May-13 16:10:08 UTC from Sethisto
    1. @eqdpony GET THAT OUT OF MY FACE (not serious btw)

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:11:27 UTC from web
      1. @bowandlyre !takeadrink every time someone with a humanised pony avatar complains about Equestria Girls.

        Monday, 13-May-13 16:16:16 UTC from web
        1. @thelastgherkin !Takeadrink everytime someone complains about me having an opinion, you'll be dead in a week.

          Monday, 13-May-13 16:17:23 UTC from web
    2. @snowcone I think not. Go save him just to be sure.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:15:08 UTC from web
    3. @eqdpony DuDE dis made me nervuxcited!!!

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:15:55 UTC from web
    4. @eqdpony btw in be4 eqd pony

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:16:25 UTC from web
    5. @snowcone Ooooh! You're gonna meet Pierre and Gerald!!!! I love those 2!

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:19:05 UTC from web
    6. @snowcone Mmm Karin is HOT! Get it? Because she's a fire elemental? Ahaha

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:24:30 UTC from web
    7. @snowcone :3 I know hah?

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:26:53 UTC from web
    8. @snowcone Hah nope. You're gonna have to deal with her sanity for a while, she's one of the best characters.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:27:53 UTC from web
    9. @snowcone Doesn't matter, when it comes to it you'll just be using one. I recomend you focus them on Fire because it's fantasic for fisical attacks so you can just hit hard with yuri and not have to worry much about MP and all that magic jazz with him.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:30:06 UTC from web
    10. @snowcone Grade 3 can be obtained later but for now just get grade to and level him up.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:32:41 UTC from web
    11. @snowcone There's not much there to do, for now.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:35:25 UTC from web
    12. @snowcone I think that's the first game... I haven't heard of that.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:36:35 UTC from web
    13. @snowcone It happens.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:37:33 UTC from web
    14. @snowcone Do that, but once you get to the underground subway thing pull that murdock back up because you're gonna need it. And also let me know when you meet Pierre and Gerald

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:39:32 UTC from web
    15. @snowcone No not yet.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:40:53 UTC from web
    16. @snowcone Get used to that.

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:45:17 UTC from web
    17. @snowcone This game is pretty perverted considering you collect stud cards. Sadly it's mostly gay stuff no lesbo action :/

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:45:58 UTC from web
    18. @snowcone But don't worry plenty of good stuff for us too ;) If you know what I mean

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:48:27 UTC from web
    19. @snowcone Curry men is all I'm gonna say

      Monday, 13-May-13 16:49:29 UTC from web