1. jk ilu @anubins

    Friday, 31-May-13 02:24:28 UTC from web
    1. @redenchilada well that's what happens when you put them all in one very convenient place, like a supermarket of social networks. or something

      Friday, 31-May-13 02:25:58 UTC from web
      1. @anubins I spent a whole five minutes compiling all those links you should be grateful for me for putting them all on one site

        Friday, 31-May-13 02:27:33 UTC from web
        1. @redenchilada Well gosh when you put it like that I have NO CHOICE but to be grateful for lessening my browsing speed finding all of them over the course of several days

          Friday, 31-May-13 02:29:50 UTC from web
          1. @anubins finally someone appreciates my hard work

            Friday, 31-May-13 02:31:18 UTC from web
            1. @redenchilada Now all you need is a lovely little bow to tie them all up

              Friday, 31-May-13 02:34:59 UTC from web