1. Ok... I tried there, but it showed up here... I am not sure how...?

    Sunday, 31-Jul-11 19:16:48 UTC from web
    1. @firemuse if you type !insertgroupnamehere somewhere in the text field then it will get posted to everyone who is a member of said group (you have to join the group first to post to it though)

      Sunday, 31-Jul-11 19:18:57 UTC from web
      1. @ignaesia Thank you, thank you! It worked, yay! ^_^ Wow. You guys are really on top of things here, I appreciate your help and kindness greatly. Sweet. What all else do you guys do around here?

        Sunday, 31-Jul-11 19:23:23 UTC from web
        1. @firemuse Heh, great stuff. Glad to be of help! You'll always find this place is nice and friendly :) We usually just talk ponies and socialise, i'm half watching Top Gear on tv atm though

          Sunday, 31-Jul-11 19:29:37 UTC from web
          1. @ignaesia Sweet. ^_^ That's fine... I gotta get back to planning/organizing stuff for our Pony Meet as well. Thanks again for everything, and I'll see you around!

            Sunday, 31-Jul-11 19:34:14 UTC from web
            1. @firemuse Dont be a stranger, my friend! :D

              Sunday, 31-Jul-11 19:38:15 UTC from web